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New ThermaPureHeat - Kill Mold. Kill Bed Bugs. Serving NY, CT, MA, PA, and NJ System Kills Mold

The ThermaPureHeat system is a fumigation alternative that is chemical free and highly effective. Not only does ThermaPureHeat kill mold, but it prevents further mold growth. The system circulates odorless, dry heat into your infested area to kill the mold. After the heating process is complete, our professionals will go in and clean out any dead visible mold within the structure. If mold is present in inaccessible areas, gross removal may be needed after heating. Learn more about ThermaPureHeat.

Other Mold Solution: Cal-Brite

The Advantages of Cal-Brite Versus Cleaners, Biocides, Sanitizers, and Encapsulants

In order to perform mold remediation, one must first understand the categories of mold remediation products and how each works.

There are 4 basic categories that base most of the mold remediation products available today. These are as follows:

  • Cleaners
  • Biocides
  • Sanitizers
  • Encapsulants

A cleaner loosens the surface material and thus makes it easier to wipe off or clean. Cleaners do not kill the bacteria or mold.

A biocide refers to an agent that kills bacteria and mold-biological agents. The last 4 letters of the word mean kill/death. Therefore, it means the death of a biological organism. There are several types of biocides. True biocides are created to kill bacteria. However, different types of biocides are not effective against all molds or kinds of contamination. No biocide or virucide is 100% effective against all types of mold and bacteria; a few spores may survive. Virucides are created to kill viruses and may have no effect against mold.

An encapsulant covers the surface preventing any particles or items from escaping underneath the sealed surface. This does not kill the bacteria or mold. They are typically painted on and when they dry, the surface is sealed and hard to the touch. However, one must remember that the core cause of the moisture problem must be fixed (e.g. structural repairs) or it will recur. Encapsulants should never be used in place of a mold remediation. An encapsulant such as drylock should never be placed over mold/fungus.

Remember, not all encapsulants work on all surfaces. The contractor should always perform a spot test before fully applying the encapsulant. Bubbles, cracks and peeling indicate that the encapsulant has failed. If this occurs, another encapsulant should be used or another remediation conducted. Even encapsulants that contain biocidal agents are not effective on actively growing mold.

Encapsulants (e.g. Drylock) are not permanent solutions. Over time, encapsulants fail and more permanent steps are needed. This may involve structural repairs. Therefore, encapsulant coated surfaces require regular inspection and maintenance. Some encapsulants create hazardous wastes, which require proper disposal.

A sanitizer can kill bacteria or mold but renders the mold or bacteria inactive and makes it much harder for mold or bacteria to regrow on the treated sanitized surface.

Cal-Brite is a sanitizer, and when used it will kill as much mold as a more chemically potent or harmful biocide. In addition, it retards the regrowth of mold.

Chlorine bleach is a biocide. However, it is hazardous to people and should never be mixed with other compounds such as ammonia. Bleach leaves the surface wet or damp and slightly slimy to the touch. Since bleach does NOT retard the growth of mold like Cal-Brite does, the mold can regrow again leading to a vicious cycle of bleaching and mold growing. Eventually, the homeowner may become frustrated and ask if there if anything that does not act as a fertilizer that actually retards the regrowth of mold. Biocides are not recommended because the mold parts can still cause allergic reactions after they are dead. This is especially applicable to sensitized individuals.

Cal-Brite will kill the mold or bacteria AND retard its regrowth. Using Cal-Brite and following all EPA mold remediation project guidelines and cleaning steps if performed correctly by the contractor ensures that the mold and bacteria are killed and that the dead mold parts are vacuumed and removed to prevent allergic reactions in sensitized individuals.

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