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Energy Efficient Windows Save Money and Energy

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money and Energy - Image 1Energy efficient windows are a great addition to any home.  They can save you money on your utilities bills all year round and are an investment that makes your home more green and energy efficient.  In the summer, energy efficient windows can cut down the amount of solar radiation allowed into your home.  This, therefore, can greatly reduce your air conditioning bill because your AC won't have to work as hard.  

Improved Comfort

Feeling the hot sun beating on you and your interior surfaces during the summer is not a great feeling.  This direct sunlight often causes great overheating and discomfort.  Windows with low solar heat gain coefficients will reduce the solar radiation coming through the glass and the associated discomfort.  

Purchasing energy efficient windows with low solar heat gain low-E glass can reduce heat gain while still providing sufficient light and view for your home.  Also, energy efficient windows make homes more comfortable because there are not any cold drafts or hot spots in the house from your windows.

Less Condensation

Energy efficient windows stay warmer and dryer in cold and wet environments.  With reduced condensation, mold and mildew are not a problem around windows and this saves curtains or other windows treatment from being damaged by these unpleasant effects of condensation.  

Increased Light and View

Daylight and view are the two most essential functions of a window.  People install windows to bring light into their homes and to be able to look outside.  Unfortunately, many times windows can then be a source of unwanted heat loss in a home.  To solve this problem, new energy efficient windows with low-solar-gain low-E coatings can provide better solar heat gain reduction than even tinted glass!  Windows with these coating do not obstruct your view, but actually may make it clearer and more comfortable for your home.

Reduced Fading

Many materials in your home can easily be affected by sunlight.  Installing windows that can help prevent fading are a great idea for any home!  Carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paint and wood are just some examples of things that may fade after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time through your windows.  The most harmful radiation in sunlight is the ultraviolet (UV) rays which lead to fading and degradation.  

Purchasing windows with low-E coatings can reduce the UV rays transmitted through your windows by up to 75 percent.  UV absorbers can be incorporated into thin plastic films in multilayer windows or as an interlayer in laminated glass.  

Reduced Noise

You may not think of this at first, but energy efficient widows actually block out outside noise.  The better quality of materials and installation provide a better quality of sound insulation for your home.  Energy efficient windows are a great alternative to soundproof windows if you are not interested in purchasing soundproof windows because they have almost the same effect.  If you live along bust streets or even an intersection or highway, energy efficient windows are a great choice to block out all that noise!


Energy efficient windows are an excellent selling point for any home.  Not only are these windows a great choice for all the reasons listed above, but when it does come time to sell your home, energy efficient windows are a great feature to emphasize to potential buyers.  So many people today are looking for ways to save energy and money in their homes and when your mention that your windows are energy efficient people will definitely be interested!  

Contact the energy experts at Dr. Energy Saver™ Dutchess County today for more information about energy efficient windows in Poughkeepsie or replacement windows in Dutchess County.

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